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It’s all in the name. Rowdy Gentleman is all about the good times, whether they skew towards the “Rowdy” side or the “Gentleman.” Often times it’s a mixture of both. We are a brand that is dedicated to the good life: from sipping your favorite concoction at the local watering hole to those tropical spring breaks that you may or may not remember.

From tees to tank tops, sunglasses to swim trunks, and everything in between, Rowdy Gentleman offers what we consider the greatest apparel ever conceived by human beings. Are we biased? Maybe. Are we wrong? We certainly don’t think so.

Whether you’re into the classic “Back to Back World War Champs” tank top that started it all, or if you’re all about our new athletic shorts shaving a couple marks off your depressingly awful 40-yard-dash time, we are looking for college students just like you to represent our brand in the best way possible.

And to all the Rowdy Ladies out there, don’t let the “Gentleman” turn you away. We carry an exclusive line, Lady, with some of the most stylish and hilarious scoops and racerbacks you’ll ever see.

No matter which brand you identify with, we are looking for motivated college students like you to help us bring exposure to campuses across the nation. From sponsored events to promotional giveaways to happy hours, we want the Rowdy Gentleman Ambassador Program to become the most fun and engaging addition you’ll ever make to your résumé


We know the life of a college student can be hectic. With social functions, football season, and the occasional lecture here and there, we realize that you are busy people. We don’t demand an excessive commitment from you, but we expect our ambassadors to work with our team to coordinate a few big events each semester, generate content, and promote our brands through social media. You will be a liaison between our brand and your campus and you will work directly with our in-house Ambassador Marketing Coordinator to manage these events from conception to completion.


The Rowdy Gentleman Ambassador Program will be full of incentives, from a Rowdy Gentleman welcome package to monthly contests between Ambassadors with one of a kind prizes. On top of these incentives, we will also grant you early access to new products, the chance to be featured on one of our websites, a valuable marketing experience to add to your résumé, and we’ll even sign off for college credit if your school allows it.

We want the Rowdy Gentleman Ambassador Program to not only provide valuable experience, but to also be something you genuinely look forward to each and every day. Click the link below for your chance to become one of our 2016-2017 Rowdy Gentleman Campus Ambassadors.

We are no longer accepting submissions for 2016-2017.